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Jenny: Hi! This is Jenny from Get Unstuck Podcast. I’m very excited with our guest today. It’s Mark Karlsson from So welcome, Mark!          

Mark:   Thank you, Jenny. Thank you so much for having me.

Jenny: Oh, I’m so excited. I really want to get to know you and what your services are and what you offer. So why don’t we start with your story? What brought you to the work that you do today?

Mark:   Yeah. In a nutshell, I had huge addiction problems to alcohol and illicit drugs and it took me a long time to first realize that I had a problem, as is often the case. But I found myself being introduced to healers and I got involved with personal development. I went on my first personal development seminar in Sydney. I was traveling. I’m from England. And it really expanded from there. In fact, I was introduced to personal development and healing before I really saw my addictive problems. 

So it was an unfolding like that. And of course, the more aware I became, the more I realized that I had a lot more issues. I think if I had found out at the beginning what I had to go through and the work I would have had to have done, there’s no way I would have come on to the path. So it sort of gently unfolds for me, and then I get to see the issues I’ve got to deal with. And that’s what I did. It was sort of an organic unfoldment of recognizing I had a lot to heal in my own life. 

And I was also very interested in it. It was the first time in my life that I found something that I wanted to learn about. I had never — I’ve gone through school and I left school at 16. I did a four year apprenticeship in the chemical industry. 

And it paid well, I used to work hard on the oil rigs. But I hated it. I had no passion for life or anything. So I was very unhappy. And it’s when I got involved in the personal development, that I jumped into this wholeheartedly; not realizing, as I said, that I had a lot of work in front of me. But it’s been great.

So that’s basically it. That’s how I got involved in this whole thing. And I had one friend — I was living in Hong Kong and I had a friend there that was a channeler. I had never heard of channeling and he invited me one night to his house and he introduced me to Merlin. And I honestly was at the time, I was only interested in drinking beer and meeting girls, you know, and football. That was really — I had no idea of this stuff. And he said he was Merlin. And then, he said “I’m going to introduce you to Archangel Gabriel.” And I honestly remember thinking this guy is nuts, you know? 

And all of a sudden, the room turned pink, and I couldn’t move. And it — I had never felt so much love in my life. 

Jenny: Wow.

Mark:   It was absolutely a remarkable, tangible, life changing experience for me. And that was the beginning of me being introduced to Merlin, which is what my healing system is called. “MTHS,” which stands for the Merlin Trinity Healing System. 

And that was the beginning of it. And years later, I had a download of information, and the healing system evolved from there. I won’t bore you with all the details, but that’s essentially how it happened.   

Jenny: Wow.

Mark:   And so, it really was so far away from who I was. I couldn’t believe it when it first happened. I convinced myself after a year, I could teach Reiki and promote Reiki because it wasn’t mine. But I was lacking so much self-worth. That’s been my life’s issue of having to work with my own self-worth and value myself. 

And I was lacking so much that I got so stressed of having to promote this thing that had come through me, that I convinced myself it wasn’t real, and I dropped the whole thing. And then, about three years ago — no, a bit longer. About 10 years ago, I developed severe psoriasis, chronic psoriasis, all over my body, and I tried everything to heal it and nothing worked. And, you know, I stopped — I wasn’t drinking anyway by then, but I — no meat, I went vegan. I did everything. No wheat and off the dairy. And it got a little bit better. 

But it was when I started doing my daily — I had forgotten about the Merlin Trinity. I wasn’t using it myself and I thought, I’ll try that. And everything started getting better in my life. Everything. It was really quite remarkable. So I relaunched it. 

I mean, I’ve relaunched it before. Don’t get me wrong. I’d taken it around the world a little bit. But I dropped it because I got into coaching and I didn’t have to travel so much and I made more money. And so, I sort of dropped it. But the thing is I never saw its value until the second time when it really helped my entire system get better, including my awareness, my responsibility, my skin got better.  

Now, I did other things. I have to say that I tried hypnosis and EFT and lots of other things. I went to different healers because it was so bad. So I have no idea. I can’t say it was exactly MTHS that healed it. And to be honest, I don’t care. The fact is it’s better now [laughs]. And I think that’s the point; as long as we get to healing, who cares how we get there, as long as we can get there, you know?  

Jenny: Right.

Mark:   Yeah. 

Jenny: What a great story. What a great story in that you had the path that almost found you, in a way. You weren’t looking for it and it found out.

Mark:   It certainly did, yeah. It really did.

Jenny: And then, it found you again, right?

Mark:   Yeah, yeah.

Jenny: And it took probably that chronic illness to sort of say, “Hey, you need another awakening here.”

Mark:   There’s something out of balance, absolutely.

Jenny: Yeah.

Mark:   And you know, “healer, heal thyself,” I think Jesus said, didn’t he? I’m not sure. But something like that, healer, heal thyself. Because I was already being a healer and a coach. And here, I had this psoriasis. But you’re absolutely right, there was a huge awakening then via that, yeah.

Jenny: Yeah. And it’s almost like the universe was calling for you to make this offering again so other people could benefit from it, right? 

Mark:   Well, that’s right. And now, it’s way more authentic. Before, I was running it as a business to make money, and I would denied that at the time. But I can see it clearly now. Whereas now, I can really see the benefit of this system. It really does help people, you know? Because it’s based in…

Jenny: Yeah. Can you explain a little bit more what this system is like?

Mark:   Sorry, say again?

Jenny: It’d be great to explain a little bit more what the system is so people can understand it.

Mark:   Well, it’s similar to Reiki. It’s similar to Reiki in that it’s energy healing. And I have the greatest love and respect for Reiki. So I don’t see them as competition to each other. I just think they seem to have a different end result. But I think if you put Reiki into your body every day, things would also get better in your life, I’m sure, or any of the healing modalities. 

But with the Merlin Trinity, it seems to wake people up. That’s why I tag it “MTHS: The Awakening Healing System,” because it seems to wake people up to what they are doing inside so that they can then make changes. It also heals at the physical, mental and emotional level. It’s a hands-on healing technique so you simply put your hands on your body and allow the energy to flow. 

But it does wake people up. It expands awareness and consciousness. And more than often, more than ever, the things that people talk about is more energy, more aliveness, and more understanding of why they do what they do so that they can change it. You know, sometimes it changes the pattern. But sometimes we have to learn at the conscious level what needs changing. It depends what the [soul’s] lesson is. You know, what the [souls] decide our lessons are in this lifetime. 

Jenny: Right.

Mark:   But it really is an awakening healing system. And I use it everyday, it continues to do that for me. I’m still amazed by it. I still pinch myself that this is — I feel like I’m in a different life from the one when I was a younger person. I mean, completely. It’s such a radical change for me. 

Jenny: Wow.

Mark:   So yeah, yeah.

Jenny: It’s so powerful. And it sounds like, from what you said too, that it’s something somebody can take ownership of their own healing. They’re not dependent on somebody else. They can go through…

Mark:   That’s exactly right.

Jenny: I’m assuming there’s daily protocols that they go through?

Mark:   There is. The thing that — Now, I’ve heard later that that’s not the case in Reiki, but when I took Reiki with my Reiki master, there was no protocol after the session. They just said to me, “Do as many healings as you can.” Of course, life happens, and I didn’t. 

            And then, when I did Reiki too, I decided to start doing healings on myself, and things started getting better. And so, I thought — well, when my system came to me, I thought I’m going to put something in place where — so we have a 63-day healing practice after the first level attunement. And another one after the second, after the level 2. And then, it’s 119 days after level 3. And so on and so forth. There’s five levels. 

            And so, people are actually putting love into themselves every single day in different positions. We work a lot with the chakras to get them open. And of course, life changes because we are vibrational beings. If you put a high vibration into your system, eventually the darker stuff will be taken by the light, and life gets better. 

But, you know, each person’s different. We’re all individually different. We’ve all got different stuff to heal. Some stuff heals like that and other stuff takes longer. But the process of healing, the development that happens as we uncover aspects of ourselves from the unconscious is also part of the healing work, you know, and realizing that — I think one of the greatest things that happened to me in terms of my own development was recognizing that the challenges in my life are my guiding system’s greatest way of communicating with me. They love me so much that they put these challenges in front of me because they know that if I overcome these, life will expand tremendously. 

And that was monumentally transformational for me because all of a sudden, my perception changed. I thought, oh God, life isn’t against me. Life’s guiding me to get to my greatness. And so, that changed me from being a wimp running away from — you know, with alcoholism and cocaine addiction. I was running away from life all the time. And all of a sudden, I turned around like, “Wow, great! Okay. I’m obviously mature enough and ready enough to be able to deal with this because that’s why it’s here, and my unconscious is loving me. So let’s sort this out.”    

So it completely changed me. It wasn’t an overnight sensation. You know, it took time to recognize it. And the other thing that really touched me was when I took on the possibility that we are — well, it’s not a possibility for me now, but I do believe that we hear time and time and time again, “This is just a ride.” And before we come — for the sake of healing, I always say this to my clients, “Before you come, you know what you’re coming into.” You know the tribe you’re going to be born into, the skin color, the religion, the family. Everything, you know it, before you come here. It’s your choice. So get off any victim stuff when you recognize this. It’s your choice to come in and deal with it this way. 

And you also drop a lot of the insecurities and you also gain them while you’re here, but you put the insecurities in as a directive to get you to follow your purpose because without the insecurity, we wouldn’t look. So my insecurity was lacking self-worth. And so, not having the self-worth, I had lots of issues. But I also had this continual questioning, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I? Why can’t I? Why can’t I?” And of course, that takes me to my purpose because the insecurity continues to knock at my door until I finally look at it. 

And so, again, that changed me. I used to blame my parents, as I’m sure lots of us do, you know? [laughs] And yeah, I was brought up in a very loving way. I was in no way having a difficult childhood. And I used to think I did, but in no way, no way at all. 

But I used to blame them. And then, when I realized, well, I chose them and not the other way around… [laughs] For the sake of healing, at least, I chose that. Then everything gets better. Because then, all of a sudden, I’m driving again. I can take full responsibility for my life because it’s my show. 

And so, the other thing I like to always tell my clients and people is that I’m the only thing ever going on. I wake up and it’s me. And every single part of the day, it’s me. And I go to bed and it’s me. And when I dream, it’s me. It’s never anything else other than me. So I’m the only thing that needs attention. And all of the stories, all the stuff I look at is going on in my brain. 

Even though, of course, there is a space outside of me, I never have an experience of an outside. It’s always an internal reality. Everything I feel, taste, touch, see, hear, it’s always going on inside of me. So I’m the only thing actually happening that I know of. I cannot tell you anything other than me. And so, for me to blame anyone or anything for my reality is futile because I’m the only thing actually happening. 

So going back to the healing system, what I recognize now is that if I put love into my system, because I’m the only thing happening, if I can put love into my system daily, then of course, life can only get better because the outside that I see is a projection always of the internal vibration. So as I heal that vibration, as I raise it, the outside world has no other option than to get better because I’m the one who makes it look the way it is from my point of view.        

Jenny: Right.

Mark:   And then, of course, it doesn’t matter what is going on there on the outside. It’s irrelevant if I’m feeling good inside. It’s always going to be good from where I see it. And that’s real power, you know? That’s real power.

Jenny: Yes. Well, even as we increase our vibration, we’re attracting better vibration or frequency back to us anyway. But it’s such a wonderful — it’s so inspiring that you — I love your story of how the contrast, or how the issues, or how the other things that happened to you have you reflect to say, “This is to teach me where my life purpose is, where I want to go,” and you made that choice. And I think that’s where the power lies, in people saying, “The power lies within me. I can make this choice.” And then, using your modality and your technique, is like you said, to bring the love within, which is so powerful, right?

Mark:   That’s it. That’s exactly it, yeah. That’s exactly it.

Jenny: I love it. Can you share some stories of how it’s helped your clients with this modality?

Mark:   Yeah. Well, when I first relaunched it, I did it in — the majority of my clients at the moment are Indian. And I think it’s strange how that’s happened, but they are such a spiritual race. And when they take on a healing modality, they don’t just like half believe it or think it could work. They are so spiritual in their essence that they take it on wholeheartedly. And it’s got such a good foundation with these people because they truly believe in it.

And so, when I relaunched it about three or four years ago and I went over to India to Mumbai. And after a time, one of my clients, she could hardly see. And after a few healings, she was able to see again. I mean, that sounds miraculous. And I can remember sitting on the stage, thinking, oh my God, this healing system is really good! Because I haven’t seen its power and that these guys have been doing it right from where — it’s about 24 year old now, and it’s been going on in India. It never stopped because I had trainers going over there and teaching it, but I had never gone myself. So three or four years ago was the first time I’d gone myself. 

And they had these miraculous stories of physical healing, which, as I said, I have got my own psoriasis. But the main one that I get to hear from people is confidence; a lot more confidence, and ability to express their creativity. They start doing things that they were afraid to do or never saw as a possibility. They start saying ‘yes’ to themselves instead of being a victim to the structure they’re in. You know, they stand up to themselves. They get promotions at work. One lady in England, she’s got two promotions since she’s been doing this. She says, “It’s because of this, because I have this confidence to say what I want to say.”     

So that’s why I call it the Awakening Healing System as opposed to — it does heal at the physical because as you quite rightly know, that as we raise our inner vibration, things in the physical get better, of course. So it does do that. But more than anything, it awakens people and makes them brighter and more alive, and more confident to step into life and go and take it on. And it brings it to balance. Now, I used to think balance was a boring word. But actually, when we’re in a balanced place, when we’re in a whole place, all the opportunities start knocking on our door because the vibration’s high, and we can actually change from a place of balance. 

So those are the main ones that I — as I say, one lady comes along to my — I run every Wednesday evening and Saturday evening, I do a half an hour talk. It’s free. And then, I take people into a meditation and I give them attunement, their very first attunement. And that’s free. I do that, I’ve been doing that for a year online and on the webinar on Zoom. And then also, on a Thursday night, I have a free 15 minute healing. It’s 6:00 P.M. Thailand time so it’s possibly 6 A.M. in America, but I do have some people in America that get up early and come to it. And we’re getting loads of results; healed shoulders, one woman had a tremendously bad hip. 

And so, what we do on a Thursday night is a group of us — a group of healers that are part of the Merlin Trinity — and we send the energy to people. It’s only for 15 minutes, but we’re getting lots of physical ailments being healed with people coming onto this healing system. So yeah.

Jenny: I love that. I love that you can do that virtually because time and space really, it doesn’t…

Mark:   Exactly.

Jenny: Right? So you don’t need to be physically next to somebody like you do in Reiki. 

Mark:   That’s right.

Jenny: You know, you can do that remotely, which is so powerful. It must be so rewarding for you to see the benefits that this has had on people too?

Mark:   It really is. As I said, I still pinch myself. But I’m also experiencing it myself, Jenny. The difference in myself from doing the attunements and for sending healing. You know, it’s become more apparent to me. The concept that I’ve read in so many books; you know, the more you give, the more life gives back to you. But when you need healing as I did, we are selfish. We can’t help it because if something’s unhealed within us, there’s a conflict of energies going on. And to say you need to be more generous or more giving when you’ve got stuff inside that hasn’t been healed, it’s almost impossible. And that’s why we’re selfish. That’s why our attention goes in, because something needs healing. 

            So over the years, as I’ve healed myself, there’s been an outflowing; an authentic desire to help people. But it wasn’t always there. I was a very selfish man and, you know, very stuck right up my own ass.

Jenny: [laughs]

Mark:   You know, righteous. I really was. I really was; big, massive ego, because I was trying to overcome my…

Jenny: To compensate for the self-worth.

Mark:   My lack of self-worth. 

Jenny: Right.

Mark:   Yeah, exactly. So yeah. So there’s been — I mean, my ego is still — the more attention I get, of course the ego inflates. So I have to pull him in, I have to bring him down. And what I usually do is talk about that to people. That helps me. It brings me back down when I say my ego is inflating again here. 

Jenny: Well, you’re authentic about it and you’re truly there and present and having such a great impact on people. And to get the word out there more so you can help more people, right? Which is really, really powerful.

Mark:   Yeah, that’s the whole idea. Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah.

Mark:   I think more than ever, the planet, regardless of which narrative you’re believing right now on the planet, we’re in fear. We’re consciously in fear like we’ve never been in fear as a race of humans. And we need to put love into our system. We really have to put more love into the system.

Jenny: Yeah.

Mark:   You know, the narrative that’s being directed is to be — and it may be absolutely right. I’m not saying — let’s just forget which side you believe because there seems to be two narratives regarding the pandemic and stuff. But we are definitely being told to be afraid of each other. And, you know, we may have to do that and cover ourselves and all of that stuff, but we must put love into our system. We’ve got to raise our vibration because the more we are directed toward a fearful narrative, the more the immune system is dropping. That’s the truth. It really is. 

Jenny: Exactly.

Mark:   And so, we need to raise our vibration to love. We absolutely do.

Jenny: Yeah. I was going to say we’re almost at the end of the podcast. We could go with a final tip on how to get people get unstuck, but it almost feels like that’s our tip, right? Is to love ourselves and to do those self-compassion.

Mark:   Yeah, it’s to love ourselves.

Jenny: You want to share a little bit more on that?

Mark:   I think for me, when I needed to understand what loving myself meant, the thing that we have to love is what we don’t love, right? Carl Jung said something like, “To get to enlightenment, you don’t chase the love and the light. You embrace the darkness.” It was something like that. I’m paraphrasing, but you embrace the darkness. And so, loving self is saying even though I am buh, buh, buh, buh, buh, I’m still going to forgive myself. 

I think forgiveness is absolutely underrated. Underestimated — that’s the thing. It is so powerful. And every time I forgive myself and as I am the only thing that I know that’s going on, then I must direct forgiveness into myself, and I’m essentially directing love into my body every time I forgive myself. And if somebody hurt me, rather than forgiving them, I direct my forgiveness to me being hurt. I forgive myself that I’m sad. I forgive myself that I’m afraid. I forgive myself that I don’t feel confident. I forgive myself that I haven’t got it together yet at this age. I forgive myself that I can’t do this or da, da, da, da, da.

And as you do that and the love seeps into that vein of energy related to whatever you’re forgiving yourself, things start coming to balance. So if I could give any tip, I think that would be the greatest tip. You can take that and run with it right now and you can do it forever. And life will get better if you just keep directing forgiveness into self.  

Jenny: And what a gentle energy that brings in toward yourself versus, as you said, blaming the external world, is forgiveness in the inner world. 

Mark:   Yeah.

Jenny: I love that. So powerful.

Mark:   We are so hard on ourselves, Jenny. 

Jenny: Yes.

Mark:   We’re brought up to be tough on ourselves. You know, criticize ourselves. And we’ve got to let that go because it just doesn’t help anything. 

Jenny: Absolutely.

Mark:   Yeah, you learn what you need to learn, but then get off it. You know, I forgive myself. 

Jenny: Right. That’s wonderful. What a wonderful energy to end this podcast. Well, thank you, Mark.

Mark:   Thank you so much. 

Jenny: That was so amazing.

Mark:   Thank you very much for having me here.

Jenny: Yeah. I learned so much. And hopefully, the listeners will learn so much. So thank you again Mark for being on this podcast. 

Mark:   You’re really welcome. Thank you so much for having me, Jenny.

Jenny: Yeah. That’s great. So this is Jenny from Get Unstuck Podcast with Mark Karlsson from Your-Spiritual-Life-Coach. Thank you again, Mark.

Mark:   Thank you, Jenny. 

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