Nevena Bazalac Podcast

Nevena Bazalac shares her perspective on success through a holistic approach to help entrepreneurs and coaches shift their mindset and implement an organic approach to growing their business. She walks her talk and has helped many entrepreneurs achieve success and become their own authority in their field. She offers a course that shows coaches and entrepreneurs how to be successful, click to find out more. She is passionate about what she does and it shows. Have a listen.

Mona Meyer Podcast

Mona Meyer from shares her impressive medical background from studying cancer cell biology to completing a Ph.D. in cancer brain tumors. It wasn’t until she had an almost fatal car accident that provided the opportunity to consider other healing options that led her to work with cancer patients holistically through body, mind, and spirit which includes emotional, energy, and nervous system techniques that encompass healing on so many levels to empower the person to lead their own healing journey according to their personalized needs. She is so passionate and positive about her work. Her traffic light analogy helps put everything into perspective. Listen and learn.

Fiona Cutts Podcast

Fiona Cutts from shares her amazing story of being diagnosed with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) at 40 and how it debilitated her life until she found energy healing and access consciousness and not only healed herself from being tired and low energy, but she overcame her shyness that started from her father teaching her it was safer to be quiet than to speak up. She now works with people all over the world to overcome their shyness and find their voice. She walks her talk and explains how access consciousness can help people focus on the opportunities and not dwell in the problems. She is very inspiring and her tip is not only simple but profound. You will be glad you listened to this podcast.

Tamara Donn Podcast

Tamara Donn, EFT Master Trainer, from shares her amazing story of her path to becoming an EFT Practitioner and how she now helps mothers from pre-conception to post-birth. She helps mothers to be and mothers who are frazzled and overwhelmed with being new mothers. Her book “Frazzled to Fabulous in 5 minutes” is a guide to how 5 minutes a day tapping can transform your life. She’s a great storyteller, listen to the podcast and be inspired to tap 5 minutes a day.

Helen Berman Podcast

Helen Berman shares her story on how tapping found her during a hard time after changing jobs. She explains how she has worked extensively on herself and her limiting beliefs and how using tapping/EFT has transformed her life. She now works with clients all over the world to help them shift from old perspectives and childhood experiences that sometimes lead to challenges in adulthood; whether it be anxiety-related or stopping our own progress. She is very articulate in explaining her approach and is very relatable. She can be reached at Helen Burman. Listen to the podcast and see what she’s all about.

Jane Applegath Podcast

Jane Applegath from shares her diverse background from being an award-winning stockbroker; then used her creative genius to produce a TV show and after being burned out she became a yoga instructor. Now she combines all that experience, skills and perspective to help women entrepreneurs tap into their vision and identify their “why” so they can be unstoppable. Her energy is contagious and she’s wonderful to listen to. Go to her website for a free download for a piece of inspiration. You will be glad you did.

Genoveva Vazquez Podcast

Genoveva Vazquez from shares her inspiring story that was captured in the book, The Power Within on how she immigrated to Canada and decided to leave her profession as a certified public account to pursue her dream of helping others. She shares a couple of stories on how people have shifted both inside and out after working with her. She is an advocate for loving yourself more and had a great tip to share.

Stephanie Newton Podcast

Stephanie Newton from shares her path from anxiety to calm and how she helps others do the same. She gracefully talks about how she acts as a guide pulling in her tools from her various modalities to help clients lead their own way to their healing. She shares a couple of stories about a client who was afraid of public speaking and how after her sessions, she was able to comfortably speak in public. Another story about a man addicted to Red Bull and how he made a shift quickly and was no longer addicted; her tip to get unstuck is very unique and simple to apply. Listen and learn.

Jondi Whitis Podcast

In this podcast, Jondi Whitis from shares the personal impact that tapping has had and now shares tapping with a wide range of people. She works with veterans and shares stories of many who have shifted through PTSD with tapping. She is passionate about teaching children emotional first aid tools and has created a book to teach children how to tap. She is also a Master Trainer for teaching and mentoring EFT practitioners. She is a wonderful storyteller and you will find this podcast very inspiring. Listening to her podcast is truly a blessing.

Jillian Bullock Podcast

Jillian Bullock from shares her amazing story of extreme childhood trauma from being raped at 10 to living on the street and as a prostitute and having a son at 16. She now is an award-winning movie producer and helps inspire others through her books, movies, and speaking engagements. She writes all her projects, focusing on tough topics, e.g. rape and sexual assault, homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, racism, sexism, in order to bring about change and awareness. She is also the creator of Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, where she helps people learn how to get fit, healthy, and well mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. She is wildly inspirational. Have a listen and share.