My Story

I have had many times in my life when I was “stuck”. Read below to learn how I can relate to being stuck in life.

I was stuck in an abusive relationship

I have four degrees and diplomas and thought I was relatively intelligent; but yet; I had NO IDEA I was in an abusive marriage. I was stuck – unhappy and my life evolved around the happy persona I showed to the world and the despair and ugliness that was my home life. Life walking on eggshells is no fun and sooooooooo unhealthy. I had panic attacks and terrible insomnia.

I realized that part of the difficulty was that others could see what was happening to me; but I couldn’t see it. I had learned from my life that I wasn’t worthy of being treated properly and so it felt normal to be treated this way.

I was in an abused women’s support group for over a year before I realized what was going on and what I needed to work on within before being able to change my external world. It took time, effort and support from professionals before I was able to get “unstuck” and leave my husband.

Through this experience, I worked through so many issues within about self-worth and self-compassion. I thought it was all my fault and couldn’t see past the trauma of living day to day in quiet fear and desperation. I healed so much from working on myself and using different modalities to become aware of the situation, which helped change my view of what I wanted and deserved. I haven’t looked back. Best move I ever made. 

I was stuck with infertility issues

I wanted to be a mom more than anything. I had traveled the world (over 95 countries) and lived on three continents. I  had fertility problems and tried almost everything. IVF, IUI, ICSI, sperm tests, etc. I had two miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. I was devastated. I had so many blood tests, my veins were collapsing. Waiting the two weeks for the pregnancy test was excruciating.

I had several large fibroids that were hindering my ability to get pregnant, so I had to have a myomectomy to surgically remove the fibroids. One was as big as a grapefruit… the healing was long and hard. I was very discouraged. I was wondering: did the surgery help or did it hinder my chances?

What was wrong with me? What was I doing wrong? I have been called a human “doing”; I get things done; I am super productive and very accomplished. I have 4 degrees and diplomas, have traveled the world, with many student awards, sport trophies and accomplishments… but I couldn’t “make” my body get pregnant. If someone told me I would get pregnant if I climbed Mount Everest, I would have. I was in Nepal trekking through the Himalayas, but I didn’t make it to Mount Everest…!!

I wanted to give up and curl up and cry forever. I had tried everything. Then I had an epiphany, I decided to surrender and not “try” so hard to get pregnant, but “allow” the pregnancy. I did some energy work, I tried different supplements, I had symbols of fertility around me… I even got a Celtic fertility tattoo. I felt like the pregnancy was not just in the future; but felt closer than ever. I knew I was going to be a mom.

I had realized that I was trying to “force” my body into pregnancy instead of “loving” it into pregnancy. I knew I was onto something as I felt so much calmer and more relaxed. I went through another IVF cycle, but with calm and ease.

It felt so different. I wasn’t anxiously waiting for the pregnancy test; I was trusting my body. 

Two embryos were inserted in my uterus and one took…. I was pregnant. I loved being pregnant. My dog would sit on my belly; when that wasn’t something she normally di

d. I had to have a planned c-section because of the myomectomy. I still took the hypnobirthing course even with the planned c-section. I was using hypnosis to keep me calm and imagining the birth plan I wanted.

My son was born, and he was beautiful; he was perfect. We have a wonderful relationship, and he knows is he so wanted. I was finally a mom and I knew in my heart that I ‘created’ this pregnancy, I invited my son’s soul, and he came.

I was stuck with a career I didn’t like and became dangerous

I have changed careers several times. From jobs with companies in the US, Asia, Europe and Canada. Some were great, some were really frustrating. But they weren’t “calling” me; I wasn’t fulfilled. I was paid well; but it wasn’t enough. I thought I had found a “job” that was for me and moved across the country to do it.

It turned out awful. The people I was working with were difficult and not trustworthy. I was stuck as I had quit my other job to do this and I didn’t have any other options. I got up each day dreading going into the office. Dreading working with these people.

It got worse; I had found that the work I had been doing for them was published fraudulently and when I approached them, I called them out to expose them and they rebelled and tried to push me out. I couldn’t leave as I would be in breach of contract and would lose a lot of money. It turned out that they wanted me to leave so they convinced the whole office to pretend they didn’t know me. So I went into work every day and sat in my office while everyone ignored me.  There was so much money at stake; my dad was worried they would physically injure me.

My lawyer had me stick it out until the case was resolved. I felt so stuck and truly in despair. I won my case; and was able to leave; but with some scars of victim thinking and that I didn’t deserve better. It sent me on a further journey of learning my own self-worth and what I wanted for me.

That started me on my path to becoming an entrepreneur so I wouldn’t have to count on others for a job. My whole career has turned around since working on those issues again from “within” so my outer world shifted. (see next paragraph how this shifted for me)

I was stuck with no money and no possessions

After I left that job with the tail between my legs; I didn’t know what to do. My whole life was in a trailer and I had no prospects. I ended up living in my sister’s unfinished basement with a mattress on the floor beside the furnace; it was loud. It was two flights up to the bathroom and she had small kids running around.

I had hit rock bottom; I was sinking in over my head. As I mentioned previously, I was able to turn it around. I used tapping as a tool to help me shift my limiting beliefs about myself and what I truly wanted in life. I realized that a “job” wasn’t for me and that I needed to scope out what I truly wanted.

It took time, lots of reflection and now I am self-employed with multiple businesses and am fulfilled with my life and my purpose and remember what it was like to hit rock bottom and feel so stuck in my life that I couldn’t see a path out; I just wasn’t looking in the right direction.

I was stuck with losing my dream home!

I was living in a house with my son and we were happy. The house had everything I had wanted. I had actually written a list and it had everything on it; it was ideal. All with a Nanny quarters downstairs; beautiful back yard that backed onto a ravine. Big picture windows for my dog to look out. A large kitchen with eat in area and a beautiful bay window.

Then I found out suddenly I had to move; I didn’t want to and cried for a couple of months with uncertainty of what to do. I was a single mom; so moving is a lot of work. I didn’t know what to do; so I decided I needed a vacation. I went with a friend to central America (traveling is one of my passions) and we toured several countries. During the trip I did a lot of work around my beliefs about moving and what was possible and visualized my ideal house; which was hard since I was already living in my ideal house.

When I came back; I decided to a shift in thinking and believing;  like I did when trying to get pregnant; I couldn’t force it; I had to trust that it was going to work out. I used my tapping tools and PSYCH K exercises I had learned to help me release my limiting beliefs.

Literally within 24 hours I was walking my dog around the neighborhood and found a house about 12 houses down the road with a new sign out front (it wasn’t there the day before). It was an even better house than I had been living in. It was backing onto the same ravine, had the big picture windows; and also had a much bigger and brighter office for me. It had an extra bathroom upstairs and a huge basement for storage. It was newer and I realized the old house had electrical problems that I was ignoring and that this house was much better wired. To top it all off, it was on a “cul de sac” (dead end road) so my cat was safe going outside without the worry of any cars. We are still here after 6 years and absolutely love it.

I have studied many different healing modalities in the energy field; below is a list of healing modalities I am trained and certified in.

I also have a master’s degree in international business and now I combine my business knowledge with my experiences of being stuck to offer you information that can help you on your journey to becoming unstuck. I have been there and get it.

I hope this story inspires you that even with many blips and blocks; getting unstuck is possible.