The Power of Gratitude and How it Can Change Your Life

The Power of Gratitude and How it can Change Your Life

Gratitude has been such a powerful force in my life. It has changed my energy, my outlook and with daily practice, it’s a grounding point for me. It’s a trending topic over the internet that practicing gratitude daily brings positive changes in our lives. But ever wondered what gratitude in its most accurate meanings is and how to practice it? You must have had these questions, and we are here to answer that. Through this article, you will learn what gratitude is, the art of practicing gratitude, and the positive changes gratitude can manifest in our lives. Are you ready to unveil one of the world’s biggest secrets to a happy and healthy life? Read on.

What is gratitude?

Often, we forget about all the blessings that we have been receiving and swirl in the whirlpool of depression and un-thankfulness. When depression surrounds us, we unintentionally attract negative energies to our lives, making things even worse. To let go of all the negative thoughts and the negative energies, we need to practice gratitude daily.

Gratitude means thankfulness; it is the feeling of appreciation for all the things you have in your life. It is also about counting your blessings, taking into account the simplest pleasures of life, and acknowledging everything you receive or have been receiving.

Gratitude can change the way you see yourself, your relationships, and most importantly, the way you see your life. It is a vital habit to practice to amplify happiness and satisfaction with life in general. While many people may already know the benefits of gratitude but still have not put it into practice yet. We will guide you through how to practice gratitude and the positive changes it can have.

How to practice gratitude daily?

Gratitude is one of the most essential yet most ignored ways to achieve ultimate satisfaction in life. Gratitude shifts focus from what you lack to counting the blessing you have been bestowed upon. Experts suggest that those who practice gratitude have shown tremendous improvement both in behavioral and psychological aspects. The simple act of giving thanks and feeling thankful makes individuals more resilient, strengthens relationships, reduces stress, and has beneficial effects on the body’s health.

There are many ways to practice gratitude

How do we practice gratitude? We have listed down a few tips to help you practice the art of gratitude and manifest the positive changes in your life through gratitude.

Keep a gratitude journal

One of the easiest ways to practice gratitude is by keeping a gratitude journal. Establish a daily practice that you would remind yourself of the blessing in life that you have. Consider the smallest things, ordinary events, personal qualities, and people you value in your life. Choose to write one thing each day, anything that makes you feel good.

Count the steps where you have come from

Everyone’s life has some struggles if we look back. To be grateful for the current life, it is essential to remember the hard time experienced. When you recall the moments of difficulty in your life and how far you have come, you automatically set up a contrast in your mind which helps to establish a fertile ground for gratitude.

Sharing gratitude with others

Experts suggest that relationships can be strengthened by expressing gratitude from time to time. Expressing gratitude not only brings the other person happiness but also brings you satisfaction and content. It makes you feel thankful for the relationships you have in life and how much they matter to you.

Using cards as visual reminders to be thankful

Two of the primary obstacles to gratitude are forgetfulness and the lack of awareness. Visual reminders such as cards can serve as cues to trigger the person to think about their blessings. It’s a good idea to list a few things that you are thankful for and stick them on your mirror. Each morning when you wake up and get ready in front of the very mirror, you would be reminded of the little blessings in life.

Promise yourself to practice gratitude

More like an oath or a vow, experts suggest that if you promise yourself by taking an oath or a vow of practicing gratitude, the chances of actually practicing it increase. Therefore, write on paper, sentences like, ‘I vow to count my blessing today” and stick it on your desk, or let it be in your diary. Revisiting the vows each day will make you feel grateful for the blessing you have.

What happens when you practice gratitude?

Gratitude, counting blessings, and appreciating our relationships should not be reserved for holidays like Thanksgiving; rather, they should be practiced each day. Here are some powerful ways gratitude could change your life.

A treat for your psychological well-being

Happiness and satisfaction with life manifest a lot of positive changes. Gratitude reduces feelings of resentment and envy and also lowers depression. By practicing gratitude daily, you are doing your mental health a huge favor.

Also affects physical well-being

Being happy and appreciative lowers blood pressure, alleviates depression and its side effects. A satisfied and content person is less prone to illnesses because of the improved immunity. Fewer aches and pains also come together with gratitude.

You would have a lot of energy you never knew of

Evidence from psychology suggests that when you practice gratitude daily, you would automatically feel highly enthusiastic, determined, full of energy, and attentive. Those who kept a gratitude journal were reported to have these qualities more than those who didn’t.

Easy recovery from difficulties and hardships

A study conducted using Vietnam War veterans shows that individuals with a high level of gratitude have lower rates of post-traumatic disorder. Hence gratitude is an essential element in managing stress and fostering mental stress.

Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself

Gratitude has been linked with high levels of self-esteem; Individuals who are happier and satisfied with their lives are confident and look at themselves as blessed people. Gratitude reduces social comparisons and promotes feeling happy for yourself, your accomplishments, and other people.

Final Thoughts

So, regardless of the method of practicing gratitude that you choose, try to take a few minutes each day to think and acknowledge the good you have in life and be thankful. This is the simplest and the fastest way to make significant improvements in your life.

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