How to Raise your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration- The Abraham Hicks Way

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” — Abraham-Hicks

Did you check in to identify the emotions you are feeling at the moment?

If you want to raise your vibration and keep your spirits high, it is time you start tuning into your emotions and get the vibes flying high.

Emotions indicate your vibration and serve as a compass to guide you on whether you are aligned with your manifestations or not.

So, what is vibration?

It is a state of being, an individual’s energetic quality, and the atmosphere, place, thing, or thought. It could be anything. Reading vibes is an intuitive process. You can tell what kind of energy the person has as soon as they walk into the room.

“Everything in life is vibration.” –Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein rightly pointed out that everything in this world or universe is created with molecules vibrating at varying speeds, including trees, rocks, bodies, animals, emotions, and thoughts. Human vibrations don’t just comprise physical matter but also how we communicate our thoughts and everything in between. In simple words, some molecules vibrate slower and some faster. Or there can be higher or lower vibrations.

Once I understood what vibration was; I was excited that I could be the creator of my reality through my vibration. I started reading a lot and became a certified law of attraction coach. I studied for almost 2 years and learned all the tools of increasing your vibration.

Have you ever heard of Abraham-Hicks?

They are a group of non-physical things or entities channeled by Esther Hicks. Though many people may think that channeling couldn’t work as effectively, it is a tried and tested way to improve or increase your vibrations. It is all about the law of attraction and consciousness. You can consider Esther and Abraham as your spiritual teachers and healers.

I have gone on a cruise with Abraham-Hicks and met Jerry and Esther. I have also been to their live events and listened to many recordings and videos. They are awesome and so wise; they also have an amazing sense of humor.

And when we are discussing vibrations, how can we not mention the valuable tips Abraham’s book Ask and It Is Given has given us. The book has about 22 powerful processes that can help us achieve our goals. For each aspect of our life, there’s a process that can help us make it better and worthwhile. I want to explain some of Abraham Hicks’ processes in the book to raise your vibrations; these are my favorite ones.

Ask and It Is Given is Abraham’s collection of channeled messages and speaks about attracting the life we desire. So, let’s find out which are these processes that can improve our vibrations. Read through and choose the one that resonates… or try them all. Remember you can only focus on one thing at a time; so make it a good one.

Place Mat Process

In this process, you draw a line on paper, for instance, a placemat. On one side, you will write down a list of things you want to do today, and on the other side, you will write a list of things that you want the universe to take care of, eventually. You can create a list of realistic tasks to be completed in a day like doing laundry, brushing your teeth, going to work, paying the bill. And on the other side, you can mention that one thing you want to be done on its own like finding true love. Keep doing it every day. It may take a week or a month, but it will happen.

Emotional Guidance Scale

The biggest takeaway from Ask and It Is Given is the Emotional Guidance Scale. Abraham explained in the book that it is a scale of our emotions and feelings in sequences from highest to lowest vibrational feelings. To raise your vibrations, Abraham explains, you will find it easier to travel through your emotions as they happen instead of trying to leap to the top. Such as, if feeling pessimistic, you can quickly achieve a vibration that resonates at boredom, and you can then reach for contentment, followed by hopefulness, and further ahead.

Segment Intending

Abraham Hicks is a process of setting your intention to reset vibration and put yourself into a state of allowing you to achieve whatever you want to manifest. W

hatever energy you currently hold will build momentum and start attracting similar experiences into your life. This means, if you learn to focus on your energy, it will become easier for you to gauge what kind of experiences will come to you. This is the core philosophy behind segment indenting. Abraham says at a point in the book:

“Segment intending is just about being aware of yourself in your surroundings and what’s coming next. It’s a redefining by you of the intentions that you hold in this second.”

So, as soon as you become aware of this, you can start taking actions that enable you to realign/pre-pave your energy for most of the day.

Wouldn’t it be Nice Method

In the book Ask and It Is Given, Abraham says that vibrational harmony is the key to bringing something into your experience that you desire. The easiest of all ways to achieve vibrational harmony is to pretend or imagine that you already are experiencing it. This will divert your flow of thoughts towards the enjoyment or joy related to that experience.

“As you practice those thoughts and begin to consistently offer that vibration, you will then be in the place of allowing that into your experience,” says Abraham.

This is a decisive manifesting game as when you say- wouldn’t it be nice if…. You are choosing something you desire and are being straightforward about it. It isn’t too forced or made up.

When you say, I want this thing to happen, you mean that you don’t have it, and therefore, you never achieve it. Some ideal Wouldn’t it be nice… affirmations include: Wouldn’t it be nice if my favorite restaurant is open or we reach home safely.

Process of Pivoting

Whenever you find yourself affirming that I don’t desire this, see that you are attentive to the absence of someone or something in your life. This is a wrong approach. The process of pivoting involves saying to yourself that- Alright, I don’t desire this, so what do I actually desire?

Let’s suppose you catch yourself saying something like- why am I in such a huge debt situation. You need to twist this statement and say, How can I make money using the opportunities at my disposal?

This method will change the way you focus on things and your vibrational regularity from low to high. It is vital when you have a lack of vibration or lower vibration. This method will reverse your thinking process from negative to positive and favorable, making it easier to attract your need than making it farfetched.

Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel is an effective self-discovery tool, but instead of merely helping you learn something about your relationship, it helps transform negative feelings that you may have. The wheel comprises a circle, which is divided into 12 equal parts. At the center of the Focus wheel, you have to write the goal you want to achieve or something you deeply desire and have been trying hard to manifest but found it difficult to visualize it in your life.

This method can help you work through your thoughts and feelings about whatever you want to manifest. It is most useful for things that you cannot connect with. People commonly use it for manifesting relationships since sometimes it is easier to feel positive and visualize something that we know we have better control over, such as our weight, health, or relationships. So ideally, you should use the Focus Wheel when you find it challenging to connect with the contributing beliefs.



Rampage of Appreciation

To raise your vibration and match the energy you desire, a Rampage of Appreciation is one of the best methods around. It is a specific technique for honing the thoughts-related energy. You can use this tool anywhere and anytime to increase your happiness level. It is also based on the Law of Attraction. Abraham Hicks coined the term Rampage of Appreciation and designed this tool to enable receiving mode within you. To start rampage of appreciation, the first step is speaking your current thoughts in mind aloud. While speaking, you will notice how it feels. It doesn’t matter if this feeling is good or bad. You only have to observe what sort of feeling is associated with that thought. That’s when you will find out where you are. The final step is choosing a new thought that helps you feel slightly better than the previous thought. You can switch topics if the previous thought generated a bad feeling.

Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game helps expand our capability of receiving/spending wealth and directing it with our attention and intention. It is also based on the Law of Attraction. In this game, you focus on raising your vibrational state to align with receiving/sending large sums of money. While doing so, we awaken our creative side. Connecting emotionally is the key- as if we are already receiving/spending it though you won’t receive or spend real dollars. For this game, imagine that you have received $1,000 from the universe to spend as you want to. Think about how you will spend it and spend it in your mind. The next day imagine the universe has given you $2,000 to spend, and spend it again according to your wishes. Keep increasing the money as you practice every day. This will continue for 30 days at least, but there’s no limit.


It takes time and effort to unlearn our negative patterns of thinking and feeling… and yet things can shift really quickly. When I was coaching clients, I was amazed at how quickly their lives changed with concerted effort. You need the willingness to reflect and then make the conscious decision that feeling good is a priority in your life.

You can only go up from there.