How Tapping can get you Unstuck

How Tapping Can Get you Unstuck

Life can be really challenging sometimes. Being human is a complex experience.

No matter how old we are, where we live, what our circumstances are, life will offer many different hurdles, and we will need to learn to navigate to feel happy and free.

Wondering what sort of challenges life may throw at you?

Here are some of the issues you may face from time to time:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative thoughts
  • Health challenged
  • Past trauma
  • Undesired habits and behaviors

These are some of the common issues people experience in daily life. As human beings, we try many different ways to cope with such problems. That’s because we are never taught how to address any underlying issue, change negative thoughts and beliefs, or release/reset negative emotions. Also, we are never told how to free ourselves of past traumas, rewire our behaviors, and help our bodies heal. Over time, the build-up of challenges like these becomes so huge that it generates newer challenges when we try to cope with them. We keep sinking under the weight of these challenges. 

So, do we have no other option apart from coping?

Not at all!

We try to cope when there’s no other option available or a workable way forward.

Coping isn’t favorable at all. We cope in order to survive. However, we should be trying to heal ourselves so that we can survive and thrive. That’s where Tapping can help us. 

It’s a fantastic new technique that supports personal healing at all levels. Apart from helping us reduce stress, stay motivated, and activate calm, Tapping can help us transform our lives for the better. Want to know how? Read on, and you’ll find out!

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping?

EFT tapping is a self-help tool. You can call it our body’s mechanism to respond to negative energy. Through Tapping, you can quickly release the negative energy simply by tapping on meridian energy points, which are similar to acupuncture points. In EFT’s case, instead of needles, we use taps to release the pressure. These points can be found on our faces and hands. Some of these points include top of the head, sides of eyes ad eyebrows, karate chop, under the eyes, collarbone, under the nose, chin, under the arm, sides of your thumb/index finger/middle finger/ring finger/little finger, etc.

When Can You Use EFT Tapping?

You can use it whenever you want to feel calm and relaxed. For instance, if you aren’t fond of public speaking, you are suddenly asked to address a crowd of 100 people. So, naturally, you will feel uncomfortable, stressed, and nervous. Your heart may start racing, your hands may start sweating, and your throat gets dry. It all is associated with an emotion called anxiety. You need to eliminate this from your mind and body.

Woman doing EFT on the top head point. Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping, a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine.

How Tapping Helps you be Happy?

The method is extremely simple and straightforward. You need to focus on the issue you want to work on, such as an upcoming event. Now think about how you are feeling right now- identify the emotion you are experiencing. Note the intensity level in your body. It should be between 0 and 10, where 0 means nothing and 10 is the maximum feeling.

Now you can use this information to create a statement. Tell yourself something positive and motivating. Such as, “I feel scared and sick. My intensity level is 9, but I completely love myself and know I will get through this.” Tell yourself this exact same sentence three times. So, this is how you create a setup statement as per the problem at hand.

While you say the statement, keep tapping on the meridian points. Keep your focus on the fear or the negative thoughts in your mind and tell yourself repeatedly that this will pass. You can say it out loud or repeat it in your mind. Whatever you find comfortable will be appropriate. The idea is to get the negative energy out of your system.

What are the Benefits?

Tapping offers a variety of different benefits. The best thing is that it’s a flexible tool, so it proves effective in almost all kinds of situations. Anyone can use it in a variety of different cases. Tapping is all about creating a degree of positive change. 

Where tapping scores higher is how effective it is. Other techniques may or may not prove effective. But EFT tapping is a proven technique. It lets you help yourself because no one else can understand the problems and emotions you are facing more than you. Some issues are really tricky to deal with, especially those involving strong emotions or deep-rooted belief patterns. Tapping is a great tool to eliminate these issues. You can integrate it into anything else you are doing and use it whenever, wherever, and whichever way you want to for the rest of your life.

An evidence-based 2019 study titled “Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Improves Multiple Physiological Markers of Health,” published in the Journal of Evidence-based Integrative Medicine, concluded that “EFT is associated with multidimensional improvements across a spectrum of physiological systems.”

The researchers examined EFT tapping’s efficacy across different physiological and psychological systems, including the Central Nervous System, the Circulatory System, the endocrine system, and the immune system. The study included 203 participants and was conducted at 6 Clinical EFT workshops led by a variety of trained and certified Clinical EFT instructors, and a majority of participants were women aged 50 years or above. Results revealed that participants experienced a significant decline in depression, anxiety, PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder), cravings, and pain and observed a significant increase in happiness and positive emotions. Hence, EFT tapping is a scientifically proven self-help tool to release negative energy to heal your body inside out and develop a positive outlook towards life, yourself, and people.

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