5 Signs you are Stuck in Life

When we are stuck in a rut or go off-track, the universe starts showing signs to help us understand the situation. These are subtle hints to help you realize where you stand in life, what you are doing wrong, and how you can deal with the situation. Today, I will reveal some common signs that indicate you are stuck in life and then share some tips on how to get yourself unstuck.

You might find that some of these signs you connect with and others you don’t. Awareness is the first step for any lasting change. Sometimes the patterns are so familiar that we cannot see beyond where we are.

I remember when I was in a bad place and quite depressed. My day in and day out habits were all the same. Long heavy days. When I shifted out of that funk, I was surprised at not only how different I felt; but how unfamiliar it was to me. Now I know when I feel that way because it’s different than the great space I am now in.

1. You always Revert Back to Old Ways and Habits.

If you notice that suddenly you are doing things that you only did in childhood and are becoming less self-sufficient, this is a meaningful sign you are stuck. Things you shouldn’t be doing but do because you feel like it. Usually, people return to their previous habits rather than focusing on bettering themselves in the present. That’s the beginning of a process where you knowingly or unknowingly start slipping away and get caught up in a routine that you used to have previously.

This shows you that your coping mechanisms are trying to keep you safe and calm. Go back to what is familiar. It takes observation to identify that you are doing this. Pay attention. Does this resonate with you?

2. You Continually Feel You’ve Accomplished Nothing in the Day

Every day seems the same to you. By the time it ends, you have a feeling that you haven’t done anything to make it productive. There’s a pang of continuous guilt plaguing you from within that that you cannot accomplish anything. As a result, you develop a feeling that there’s no use in getting out of bed in the morning just because the day would be fruitless and unproductive for you.

Even if you do get things done, it doesn’t feel productive, and you feel drained. A lot of times, this is when the negative self-talk comes into play and we tend to beat ourselves up. Notice what you are saying to yourself.

3. You Keep Worrying About Things Endlessly

When you start worrying and taking on the stress of every single thing, that’s when things can take an ugly turn, and you get stuck in a rut. What happens is that you stop trusting your abilities and believe that nothing will go right… here comes the worry part. Maybe you’ve had some actual adverse, negative experiences that eventually compel you to develop these kinds of thoughts.

Again that little voice pops up to beat yourself up. Nothing you can say helps. This happens when you suffer from a lack of confidence and lose touch with your inner self.

4. You Don’t Feel Enthusiastic About Lots of Things

When almost everything stops making you feel excited and enthusiastic, that’s a clear sign that something somewhere is drastically wrong. These are signs of depression and that you are stuck.

Deep down inside, you nurture a belief that something isn’t right. Your heart keeps telling you that you aren’t in the right place or going in the correct direction. Then you start feeling trapped and ultimately develop a deeper state of hopelessness. This can lead to anxiety.

Again noticing that your days are not filled with joy and lightness, consider where you are… are you stuck in your life, your thoughts. If you feel you are depressed, seek professional help.

5. You Feel Lethargic and Tired

When you see clothes piled up on the floor and hesitate from picking them up, or the laundry keeps sitting in the hamper for weeks while you take out what you need from it, or the dishes on your kitchen sink are always piled up, this is an indication that you are stuck. You get lazy and don’t feel the urge to do even the most basic tasks because you stop caring about your surroundings and your life in general. You sometimes feel emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually drained. You go through the motions only to make it through the day and don’t know what more to do.

What does this Mean?

If any or all of these signs describe you, it’s time you start thinking about getting unstuck in life. You need to take out some time and think about who you are and what you want from life?

Why do You Need to Get Unstuck in Life?

Getting unstuck in life is the key to a happier and healthier self. If you don’t do this today, you’ll keep going around and around in a never-ending spinning wheel. This will be nothing but slow death. We live in a society that not just appreciates but expects us to progress, achieve, and move forward. We are usually taught to suppress our feelings of stuckness and push them deep down inside. It leads to the development of ruminating thoughts, ambivalence, and future-related uncertainties/anxieties. So, instead of ignoring these feelings, start facing them head-on and get unstuck. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

Note Your Body’s Signals

Don’t ignore or disregard a discomforting feeling and do the exact opposite of that. Start paying attention to what your body is trying to tell you. Examine where you are feeling that sensation. Do you feel hot or cold, contracted or open? Does it have a smell, color, sound, or texture?

Now, write down all the observations in a journal and try to identify any consistencies, patterns, or clues in the information. You may a particular person, place, object, or experience that could be making you feel stuck. Just being aware of your body’s signals regarding stuckness is the first step to initiate the change. 

Start Focusing on Your Thoughts

You create your reality by the beliefs you develop about yourself and the world. You can say that a recorder installed in your head is on repeat with self-limiting statements and beliefs. This recorder holds you back and makes it impossible for you to get unstuck. You have to change your thoughts and align yourself with the present situation. Tell yourself what you want in life to reconnect with your inner intuition. Not every time you have a self-limiting thought and align it with your aim in life or whatever you want in your life. Then replace the thought with a positive affirmation about who you are. Such as tell yourself- I Have Enough! Say these statements out loud to make them more effective.

Search For Signs from the Universe


You may find it hard to believe at this moment, but it’s a fact that the universe continuously sends us signals. 

The tragic part is that we never pay attention to them. Has it ever happened to you that the song you were humming gets played on the radio or someone gives you advice that you wanted to hear? These are more than coincidences- these are synchronicities.

You should start paying attention to little moments of oddities, dreams, or ease. 

Write them down or, if you can, share them with a trusted friend. You must work to make sense of the signs and trust them. 

Lastly, believe in yourself. You are way stronger and resilient than you think. Start sharing your thoughts with someone you trust and ask for advice. Things will start getting better sooner than you think.

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